Worst Food Items For Tooth – And Four Means That Can Help Combat The Damage

Meals that hurt:

-Citrus Fruits

It appears weird that food you can eat after wisdom teeth removal like lemons and grapefruits, which can be prosperous in vitamin C and present your system numerous dietary benefit, may very well be so detrimental for your teeth. In addition to their higher vitamin articles, they are also incredibly acidic, this means they can don away at your enamel more than time. Due to the fact these fruits are great in your or else, you shouldn’t avoid them all together- just restrict the quantity you eat daily and brush later on.

-Hard and Chewy Candies

Chewy candy like caramel or taffy sticks towards your teeth for a long period, giving germs added time and energy to interact with the sugar and develop enamel-eroding acid. Tricky candies, even though not as sticky, sit from the mouth for an prolonged period of time even though they dissolve, bathing your teeth in sugary residue. Many bitter and chewy candies may also be flavored with citric acid, the exact same material which makes lemons and limes hazardous to tooth enamel.


Pickled cucumbers- or any pickled foods- are created by soaking the meals in acid, commonly vinegar-based. The majority of people really don’t eat pickles on a regular basis, nevertheless, so obtaining one often is not likely to affect your dental health and fitness over-all.


Most of the people understand that sugary sodas are damaging to your teeth, but what you may not comprehend is always that even sugar-free eating plan sodas nevertheless include huge quantities of enamel-eroding citric and phosphorus acid. If you absolutely won’t be able to do with out smooth drinks, check out consuming them at mealtimes in place of each day. Your after-meal brush and/or rinse might help neutralize the acids.

-Sports and Electricity Drinks

They could appear to be a more healthy different to sodas, but most athletics and power drinks are actually even more acidic than delicate drinks, and might be much more harming to enamel when consumed consistently.


Crimson wines can stain your enamel, but even white wines incorporate erosive acids, which allow stains to actually penetrate the enamel. The tannins contained in red wine also often dry out your mouth, stopping the circulation of saliva from rinsing the acids absent.